How to buy an established successful business franchise

When you buy a franchise, you also buy training and support that could help you succeed. Buying a franchise may reduce your investment risk, because you associate with an established company. A franchise enables the investor or franchisee, to operate the business. The agreement, licensing and other legal aspects between a franchisor and the possible franchisee has to be managed  by an experienced franchise attorney. Buying a franchise will also involve the Consumer Protection Act and the Competition Act.

You pay a franchise fee to get the following:

  1. A successful system developed by the franchisor
  2. The right to use the franchisor’s name
  3. and assistance.

The franchisor should provide you with the following:

  1. Help in finding a location for your outlet
  2. Training and an operating manual
  3. Advice on management, marketing, or personnel
Franchise Agreement Assessment

Step 1
If you have a franchise agreement, and you would like us to do an assessment before you sign any contract, please contact us at

Step 2
Our experienced franchise attorneys will assess your franchise agreement and advise on any legal provisions that may be applicable.

Step 3
We will give you legal advice on all aspects of the franchise agreement and what steps to follow.

Legal Costs: The cost of a franchise can vary from business to business. The estimate cost of  legal fees will be discussed with the franchise attorney.